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Lindsey Nguyen

Founder / Master Artist / Reiki Master

A grounding force and inspirational light, a teacher and healer, Lindsey’s passion and true calling is unmistakable as it is witnessed through her work in helping others transcend through the art of energy-focused human connection and wellness practice.

With over 20 years as a licensed esthetician, Lindsey is well-versed in a myriad of healing modalities ranging from scientific applications to holistic, energy-therapy.

Lindsey believes deeply in addressing fundamentals to reach long-lasting and sustainable results in aesthetic-wellness. Her guests describe her sessions as a feeling of being transported.

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Senior Artist

Joanna has been in the wellness space for over 20 years, is a master of her craft and brings an inherent ability to listen and empathize to every session. Innately reserved, detail-oriented, and observant, she expresses herself through her work and her connection to people. Joanna will patiently spend time with her guests to ensure their utmost comfort and confidence, giving them space to invite and accept her guidance through their journey of transformation.

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