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If you’re seeking human connection and pampering, Bare Beauty Spatique is the therapeutic aesthetic-wellness source that offers personalized, energy guidance for thorough, harmonious and transcendent self-care regimens.

Our Team

With our team of spiritual artists and guides highly trained in the sciences of holistic wellness, we ensure a harmonious and healing journey designed to inspire you to rediscover care in yourself.

Whether you are seeking a refreshing manicure, a metamorphic waxing, a transporting facial, or simply a break in your routine, you can confidently enter our space with a willingness to let go of your burdening stresses, fears and insecurities.

You can re-enter the world in a state of transcendent and reawakened existence. You can emerge blissful.

Meet The Artists

What our guests are saying

  • “When I was done I feel like a brand new beautiful relaxed woman”
    - Na L
  • "They really made me comfortable. These ladies are so sweet it's like you already know them!!"
    - Deborah G.
  • "They are not your regular estheticians—it's an experience, it's a journey."
    - Lisa C.
  • "Bare Beauty is beyond friendly and comforting. An honest connection with another person."
    - Brian C.

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